• Particular expertise and areas of interest:
  • ­
  • Licence – Media and Entertainment Law:
    Legal Advise concerning all relevant issues
  • Contract review, drafting and negotiation:
    in particular sector specific contracts, e.g. Exclusive Artist Contracts, Licence -, Production-, Management – and Distribution Agreements, Performing Artist – and Concert Contracts, both in German and English
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright:
    Trademark Registration, - opposition and cancellation proceedings, both national and international, review and negotiation of intellectual property rights, representation of artists, media professionals and other creative working people and their legal interests, both in and out of court
  • General Commercial, Civil and Labour Law:
    General, non sector-specific legal advice for artists, media professionals and other creative working people, e.g. in Labour -, Tenancy and Sales Law
  • Collection Societies ⟨GEMA, PRS etc.⟩:
    Counselling in all issues regarding collection societies, in particular application and audit of royalties
  • Künstlersozialversicherung/ KSK ⟨Artist Social Security⟩:
    advice and assistance with the proper registration of creative and artistic services with the German Künstlersozialkasse
  • Tax Law:
    advice and assistance with the proper declaration of Artist Income Tax according to German Artist Taxation Law
    ⟨so called "Ausländersteuer"/ Limited Tax Liability for Foreign Artists according to Art. §50a EstG⟩

  • Sectors:

  • Music, Film, Photography, Publishing
    Concerts, Events
    Internet, Marketing, Advertising, Communication

  • Languages:

  • German, English, French